Italian Family History
Jewish Genealogy in Italy

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                                                            Jewish merchant (1594-1596)                                                 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
 Margherita Sarfatti (Venezia 1883 - Cavallasca , Como 1961)             Carlo Michelstaedter (1887-1910)         Salvatore Pincherle (Trieste, 11/3/1853 - Bologna, 10/7/1936)                     Guido Castelnuovo (Venezia, 14/8/1865 - Roma, 27/4/1952)                      
                                           Ebrea by Amedeo Modigliani               Tullio Levi Civita (Padova, 29/3/1873 - Roma, 29/12/1941)       Elsa Morante (1918-1985)                         Vito Volterra (Ancona, 3/5/1860 - Roma, 11/10/1940)
                                        Rita Levi Montalcini                      Franco Modigliani (1918-2003)                                          Moni Ovadia ()     


The only Kosher Genealogy in Italy ! ! !

Italy has a very important role in Jewish history and genealogy: it is located centrally on the Mediterranean sea and serves as an important crossroad and an intersection between North and South, East and West, Sephardic and Ashkenazi culture.

If your ancestors lived in or came from Europe, there are many possibilities that a branch of your family went through Italy.

In Italy there is not a central collection of records for genealogical purposes, but there are numerous places in which administrative, civil, religious, and military records are stored. 

Ancient Italy
In these pages you'll find a sketch of the History of the Jews of Italy

You'll find also a guide on how to begin your research, examples of Jewish documents and projects of databases on Jewish genealogy.

Here you'll find information and resources on the places where most Jews lived: Ancona, Livorno, Roma, VeneziaSicily and others.

To begin your research you need a name, a place of origin and an approximate period when your ancestor(s) lived.

That's all.

Let's start this exciting trip!

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